Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stephanie Cane, a Nice Jewish Girl From Israel

How did a nice sweet Jewish girl from Israel end up sucking cock and getting fucked for a living on camera in Los Angeles?

Her real name is Stephanie Horowitz. She was born in Haifa, Israel on November 11, 1986. Like many Israelis, Stephanie's family moved to Los Angeles for a better life. She was raised here (as is evident by the fact that she speaks english without the trace of an accent) and entered the porn industry in 2007 where she became instantly popular.

She claims to have lost her virginity at age 12 to a 30 year old guy (holy fuck!). Check out the video below.

From her Myspace:

My name is Stephanie Cane and you may know me as a porn star. I have been in over 50 adult films and am semi retired but still do a odd film here and there. More importantly I just started my own studio and production company recently and my staff is always looking for new industry people: actresses, actors, investors, managers, publicists, and so on to work with. Stephanie Cane Productions will be producing only the hottest and raunchiest adult material on the market I am proud to say.

Stephanie Cane Productions's Interests
General sex, porn, money, travel, party, life

Stephanie Cane Productions's Details

Status: Single
Here for: Networking
Orientation: Bi
Hometown: Haifa, Israel
Body type: 5' 6" / Slim / Slender
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Religion: Jewish
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Smoke / Drink: Yes / Yes
Children: I don't want kids
Occupation: Porn Star, Production Company CEO
Income: $250,000 and Higher

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Morrocan Jewish Sister Sluts, Whitney and Britney Stevens

These 2 buxom sluts are from Hollywood, CA. Whitney was born on August 25, 1987 and Britney on February 24, 1985. They both started whoring in 2006.

The Stevens sisters family is originally from Panama. Panama has a large Jewish community of Morrocan Sefardi Jews. How proud they must be of these two.

There was another youtube video which I can't find anymore where the two fucking whores are interviewed by some sleazebag. The guy asks them: "Would you fuck Hitler?" and Whitney says "Sure, I would fuck him, I think Hitler is hot", I mean I'm Jewish but I would fuck him". Fuckin dumb whores.....

Persian Jews in Los Angeles and Porn

Persian Jews make up a large presence in Los Angeles. Many of them live in mansions in Beverly Hills and drive very expensive cars. They are the object of both envy and hatred from their less fortunate neighbors.

But not all Persian Jews are that wealthy. What else would account for a nice Persian Jewish girl who goes by the name of Persia Pele to become a Porn star?

Persia Pele (obviously not her real name) was born on August 8, 1982 in Teheran, Iran and came over to the US with her family when she was a little girl. She tried her hand at acting and eventually despaired because of the lack of opportunities and little money. She started doing porn in 2009.

She is known as THE PERSIAN PRINSEXXX on her myspace. The following is from her page.

Status: Single
Here for: Networking, Friends
Orientation: Bi
Hometown: HEAVEN
Body type: 5' 7" / Slim / Slender
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Religion: Jewish
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Smoke / Drink: Yes / No
Children: Someday
Occupation: THE BOSS

Persia has 2 Hebrew tattoos on her back. I have no fucking clue what it means (even though i read and speak Hebrew fluently). The tattoo on her right side says aleph kaph apleph which would be pronounced "aka", a meaningless word in Hebrew. The one on the left is similarly meaningless. See the photos.

Her career has scandalized some Persians who view her life choice as an embarrasment to the "persian culture". Recently on her blog she posted some hate mail that she recieved.

Today i got my very first (of many im sure) HATE MAIL. I won't put the kid on blast, However It Behooves me and makes me so sad to think he is of the same culture as i. This kid is full of toxins and Honestly people, if you have nothing nice to say, why hurt people, just move on. Im Me and im going to do what i want to do, I understand that there are evil people in this world that believe that sex and that the adult industry is a filthy Business to be in. Its what you make of it, it dosen't make you.
Go ahead call me a whore, and tell me to go kill myself, and yes it hurts, but don't you get it? you are only making me stronger, so i thank you for hating on me so hard this morning. We all need Haters to make us stronger! Big hug and kiss to all my Haters, i love you! O and for shits and giggles i posted the lovely letter below that HE had sent to me..Enjoy Reading....WOW!

Stop using the word "Persian" to promote your filth you fucking scum! You're probably so far off being a human being that this hateful message wont even touch you, but I'm sure it's in the back of your mind that you're truly a piece of shit. At least claim to be Italian or something.
By the way.... your titties are further apart than you are from my culture, but I'm sure that, and the fact that you look like a MAN is why you haven't been able to make it big, even as a WHORE! Go kill yourself, worthless dog shit. You're a waste of space.

Persia wouldn't be the first persian porn star to piss off persian men who like to jerk off to infidel whores but want to keep their own locked up under chadors. Look up Aylar.

Jewish Boys and Girls in Porn

While Jewish males have been represented in fairly large numbers in the porn industry of the 60s, 70s and 80s, there was always a dearth of Jewish females in the profession. The reasons for this are various. Today things have changed and a growing number of females are to be found in the industry.

Another thing that has changed is the fact that untill now the majority of Jews in porn were ashkenazi (of central and eastern european heritage- they tend to be light skinned), today there are many so called sefardi jews (jews from arab countries- tend to be darker skinned) who have entered the profession. The reason for this is the relatively recent large scale emigration of the latter type of Jews to the United States.

This blog uncovers the growing number of Jewish males and particularly females who have over recent years decided to enter the adult industry.